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I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been asked to facilitate several upcoming roundtable events:

Virtual Roundtable: Shrinking the triangle; Is it possible to achieve good, quick, and cheap in localization? on the web on 20 January 2011

From Chris Raulf:

I recently posted the following question on LinkedIn: How do you achieve good, quick, and cheap in localization?

Having worked in the industry for the last decade (on the customer-side as well as on the vendor-side in production, sales, and marketing), it seems that one has to pick and choose two out of the three: Good, quick, and cheap. My intention by posting this question on LinkedIn was to get the opinions and insights of a wide variety of fellow industry professionals (customer and vendor-side) and, oh boy, it seems like everyone has a strong opinion on this topic.

Well, the LinkedIn discussion is still going on but I’d like to take this discussion to a different level and actually have industry experts talk about it in a virtual Roundtable.

I’m currently working on assembling a panel group of opinionated and expert industry players from the translation-side, localization vendor-side, internationalization-side, content development-side, tools and technology-side, as well as from the customer-side.

So far I’m happy to present the following panelists:

Roundtable facilitator: Erin Vang, Owner of GlobalPragmatica

Renato Beninatto, President of the European Language Industry Association (ELIA)

Jennifer Beaupre, Director of Global Marketing at acrolinx GmbH

Adam Blau, Director of worldwide sales at Milengo

Adam Asnes, President & CEO at Lingoport

Michael Fruhwirth, Owner of Technical Translations

Mylène Vialard, Owner and Senior Translator at Mylene Vialard Translations

Daniel Goldschmidt, Co-founder at RIGI Localization Solution

The goal of this virtual Roundtable is to stimulate debate, learn about our challenges, discuss potential solutions, etc. and see if we can come away with new ideas that will help us cope with the “Fast, Cheap, and Good Quality” triangle.

Localization Technology Roundtable in Palo Alto on 3 February 2011

The best conversations happen when the right people get together

The Localization Technology Round Table brings together 5 industry leaders to present an open technology framework that speeds up time to market and drastically reduces your localization costs.

Together, Lingoport, Acrolinx, Clay Tablet, Milengo and Asia Online will show how advanced, modular localization technology addresses the challenges faced when launching products or services to international markets in multiple languages.

You’ll learn the key considerations when taking an international product from design to launch through, Internationalization,  Information Authoring,  Content Management,  Localization and Translation Automation.

And you’ll learn how this is achievable quickly, and with fewer resources, while maintaining a consistent brand and user experience that builds value, saves time and reduces costs.

  • Access a wealth of localization experience from industry experts
  • Discover new technologies and new ways of working that are already changing the localization landscape
  • Learn strategies that can streamline your localization efforts and help you quickly launch products worldwide
  • Share information with like-minded peers and learn proven practices that you’ll find nowhere else

Agenda for the Localization Technology Round Table in Palo Alto

Speakers’ biographies

Please contact us if you’d like to hire me to moderate and/or facilitate your event.

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