Custom JMP Scripting (JSL)

JMP scripting

Global Pragmatica LLC® is a JMP Customization Partner, offering custom tool development in the JMP Scripting Language (JSL) for JMP Statistical Discovery Software from SAS.

We also sell ready-to-run JMP scripts and add-ins, and we welcome ideas for more ready-to-run scripts.

We offer a shared-cost model to develop customized scripts with general market potential.

We also offer a group-buying model where a consortium of customers can make a complex but generally-usable script more affordable for all.

What is JMP? What is JMP scripting?

JMP is powerful statistical and graphical analysis software with a particular strength in Design of Experiments (also called “DOE” or “DOX”) and an intuitive point-and-click graphical user interface (GUI). JMP’s GUI encourages creative visual exploration of data—you never need to learn a programming language to use JMP. However, many organizations find it worthwhile to write programs in the JMP Scripting Language (JSL) that harness JMP’s statistical and graphical routines in custom-built tools, such as for bootstrapping, Monte Carlo studies, virtual laboratories, training simulators, dashboards, and educational demonstrations.

JMP Scripting can also be used to automate routine analyses, to parametrize repetitive but slightly variant work for efficient and error-free execution, to package up a suite of related activities into a push-button operation, and so forth.

How JSL investments pay off

The magic of a well-designed custom tool is that sophisticated statistical concepts become powerful “what-if?” machines for people whose expertise lies outside statistics. A well-designed workflow whose interface reflects your researchers’ concept of the problem (what are you making? how do you test it? what can go wrong? what’s the sensible next step?) means that even shop-floor operators—who might not realize they’re doing stats or using SAS—can experiment, explore, test, verify, and gain valuable insights.

Bottom line: shorter time to market, lower cost of innovation, higher quality results.

If you have an expensive process and/or a valuable end result, the return on your JSL-programming investment is huge. Also, a well-designed tool can bring rollout/training costs way down.

How we help

We specialize in custom JMP scripting to build tools like this, and we can partner with our own network of analytics and engineering experts to help refine the analysis approach, or we can partner with your statisticians and modelers–whatever makes sense for your situation. We are experts in the JMP scripting language and in graphical user interfaces, and our first development priority is always understanding the problem and the audience, so that we can suggest interface improvements and feature enhancements that will make the tool as valuable and easy to use as possible.
Every project is led by a PMI-certified Project Management Professional (PMP) who takes responsibility for the project’s scope, quality, time, cost, and risk management in consultation with the client. Project portfolios and programs are coordinated and balanced according to the client’s priorities and constraints.

Why Global Pragmatica LLC?

Many people can write good programs. Many people understand JSL. Many people are good project managers. Many people have decades of experience in commercial software development. Many people have a wide network of statistical and graphical analysis experts. Many people have a quality assurance background and can ensure that their programs are as well tested as they are written. Many people can interview a client’s stakeholders and learn their needs, desires, and constraints. Many people can facilitate difficult conversations among diverse stakeholders with differing perspectives and needs. Many people can understand how a project fits into an organizations strategic vision and business realities.

But few people can do it all.

Global Pragmatica does it all. Global Pragmatica brings this rich combination of inter-related skills together to deliver outstanding, creative, reliable solutions.

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