Shared-cost JSL development

Global Pragmatica LLC offers custom scripting in the traditional “you need it, we build it” model, but we also have some more creative approaches to help clients control their development costs.

By far the cheapest option is to buy our ready-to-run JMP scripts, which perform commonly-requested tasks and are already written, tested, and ready to deploy; for a fixed cost, you get a tool that’s ready to use, and a user community of fellow customers.

But what if you need something in between? We have two intermediate development models that might appeal to you:

  1. Shared-cost development: Global Pragmatica LLC subsidizes development cost in return for general distribution rights
  2. Group-buying development: a consortium of organizations share the costs to develop a tool usable by all

Let’s look at each option in more detail.

Shared-cost development

You need a particular functionality, but it’s just a variation of something other people might also want. Or you need a fairly general tool, but you want it to perform some proprietary calculations, or you need the tool customized to your process. Here’s where Global Pragmatica LLC’s shared-cost development model becomes interesting:

  • You pay full price for the development, testing, and maintenance of any functionality that is unique to your organization.
  • We share the cost of development, testing, and maintenance of any functionality that we think we can sell to other organizations.

When in doubt about which is which, we have two guiding questions:

  • You ask yourselves, “Would we want anyone else to be able to use this?”
  • We at Global Pragmatica LLC ask ourselves, “Would someone else pay for this?”


Lots of companies need to do bootstrapping, with profilers, simulation studies, and exploratory graphics, but the exact process you’re simulating in your virtual laboratory is something unique to your company. We might build a general bootstrapping tool that puts this basic process into an efficient, appealing workflow at shared cost, using representative calculations and documenting how a customer might plug in their own calculations. We are free to sell this at any organization. However, we then implement your specific process details, custom calculations, and specialized analyses at full cost to your organization, and the customized product that results is yours alone to use.

Group-buying development

If you’re willing to collaborate with other organizations as a purchasing consortium to specify and fund development, we will work with you to determine specifications for the script, offer a well-defined product for license at specified costs, and then invite you to help us enlist other Founding Licensors. Once we reach a critical mass of Founding Licensors to meet a stated portion of our development costs, we’ll sign contracts and get to work.

The finished product will also be made available to further non-founding licensors at costs and terms to be determined at Global Pragmatica LLC’s discretion or as specified in contracts with the Founding Licensors.

Founding Licensors will enjoy important advantages stipulated in the contracts, such as:

  • priority technical support
  • priority bug fixes
  • free or discounted maintenance releases
  • discounted feature enhancements


Suppose your organization shares certain “pre-competitive” analytical needs with other companies in the industry. For example, pharmaceutical companies planning to market products in the United States must meet specific analysis and reporting requirements spelled out by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A handful of pharmaceutical companies that compete with each other in the marketplace might nevertheless benefit from some cooperation with each other in the development of customized JMP analyses for performing certain tests in compliance with these FDA requirements. They obviously won’t want to share biochemical techniques or compound details with each other, but they might well want to work together to build a better way to manage and clean data. They might need similar productivity dashboards in their manufacturing operations.

Is your project a candidate for shared-cost or group-buying development?

If you have a project that you think might be a good candidate for our shared-cost or group-buying development models, or if you’d like to propose another kind of arrangement, please get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to discuss your project and negotiate a plan that fits the situation.