Ready-to-run JMP scripts (JSL)

Global Pragmatica LLC® is a JMP Customization Partner.

Global Pragmatica LLC develops and sells a variety of ready-to-run JMP scripts, in one of two forms and pricing tiers:

  1. Widgets: encrypted, run-only JMP scripts that make it easy to do things
  2. Scripts: unencrypted, human-readable JMP scripts that can be further modified by the user

1. Our lower-cost widgets (encrypted scripts) feature:

  • an attractive, intuitive point-and-click interface
  • consistent results
  • helpful tool tips and explanatory text
  • error-checking to prevent simple mistakes
  • no risk of accidentally changing the script
  • affordable cost

2. At a higher cost for the same functionality, our unencrypted scripts enable you to:

  • customize the appearance of a script to suit your audience
  • extend the functionality of a script with your in-house analytics
  • exploit Global Pragmatica’s ingenious user interfaces for proprietary operations
  • gain valuable scripting insight by studying professional-quality JSL code
  • audit and validate Global Pragmatica LLC’s code
  • perform both black-box and white-box testing of important tools

Maintenance updates

Because JMP’s future functionality and operability are outside Global Pragmatica LLC’s control, we cannot guarantee against future inoperability or obsolescence of any script, but Global Pragmatica does promise to provide maintenance (bug-fix) releases at no cost or nominal cost to all registered users whenever necessary and practical, at Global Pragmatica’s discretion.

Bug bounty

Maintenance releases will be provided at no cost to the first registered user who reports a serious bug and includes testing instructions that enable Global Pragmatica to reproduce the bug.


New releases adding further functionality to a given script will be offered at an appropriate upgrade cost.

Feature bounty

Special pricing consideration will be offered to registered users who provide substantial assistance in the specification, development, or testing of new features

Want something else? Tell us your ideas!

What kind of script do you wish we had ready for you? Send us your requests! We can take one of several approaches to meeting your needs, in decreasing order of cost:

Custom scripting contract ($$$)

If you need something that only your organization will use, or that contains proprietary methodology that you’re unwilling or unable to share outside your organization, or you’ll need ongoing maintenance (such as adaptations for an evolving process), then we’ll work with you to develop an estimate and put together a custom scripting contract where we bill you for time and expenses.

Group development contract ($$)

If you need something that other organizations will also be able to use, or if you’re willing to collaborate with other organizations as a purchasing consortium to specify and fund development, we will work with you to determine specifications for the script, offer a well-defined product for license at specified costs, and then invite you to help us enlist other Founding Licensors. Once we reach a critical mass of Founding Licensors to meet a stated portion of our development costs, we’ll sign contracts and get to work.

The finished product will also be made available to further non-founding licensors at costs and terms to be determined at Global Pragmatica LLC’s discretion or as specified in contracts with the Founding Licensors.

Founding Licensors will enjoy important advantages stipulated in the contracts, such as:

  • priority technical support
  • priority bug fixes
  • free or discounted maintenance releases
  • discounted feature enhancements

Retail ready-to-run script ($)

If we think the idea has enough general appeal that we’ll be able to recoup our development costs by selling it ourselves as a ready-to-run script, we’ll get right to work on it, at our own cost.

Sweat equity

In all cases, special pricing considerations will be offered to individuals or organizations who provide substantial assistance in the design, specification, development, validation, or testing of the script.

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