Curriculum Vitae

Erin L. Vang, PMP

A certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with 23 years experience in a variety of management, technical, and leadership positions. Strengths include:

  • Expert JMP Scripting Language (JSL) programmer
  • Extensive experience in quality assurance, documentation, localization, project and program management, and business management
  • Diverse facilitative leadership experience
  • Proven program management skills


1988, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. Master of Music summa cum laude, horn performance and literature.

1987, St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN. Bachelor of Music magna cum laude, majors in horn performance, music history, and mathematics.


Principal Pragmatist, Global Pragmatica LLC, Oakland, CA. 2008-Present

Facilitative leadership and consulting services, with domain expertise in globalization, internationalization, localization, and software development project and program management. Recent clients include PELCO by Schneider Electric, ENLASO, and BG Communications International.

Sample engagements:

  • Chaired a two-day thought-leader seminar, responsible for building group cohesion, leading discussions, emceeing presentations, and ensuring success for all participants and sponsors.
  • Facilitated a two-day, forty-five member cross-departmental committee meeting to strategize and plan a complete corporate web redesign project. Led a skeptical group from brainstorming to a purpose statement and a timeline with assignments and enthusiastic commitments.
  • Helped plan an innovative service offering and write an RFP for a medium-sized translation agency pursuing a major multilingual contract with a world leader in commercial software.

Senior Consultant and Program Manager, Predictum Inc., Austin, TX. 2008

Consulting and JSL-based tool development. Program manager. Recent clients include The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company (Akron, OH), SAS Institute (Cary, NC), Procter & Gamble (Cincinnati, OH).

Develop a variety of analytical applications using JSL. These applications range from simple, readily-developed and -implemented to powerful, abstract applications that anticipate and automatically respond to changes in the data. The objective for each script is to maximize usability and insights while minimizing the need for maintenance. As program manager I not only write code but also manage client relationships, track requirements, and coordinate teamwork.

Sample JSL Projects:

  • A virtual laboratory that allows users to model materials and analyze predicted test properties using JMP’s exploratory graphics and SAS’s statistical modeling in an approachable single-window interface. Virtual material creation and testing enables researchers to simulate time-consuming, expensive experiments in minutes with zero material, labor, and opportunity costs. Client: multinational chemical manufacturing company.
  • A novice-friendly interface for importing SAS datasets and associated SAS program files into JMP using JSL’s text-processing capabilities. Client: multinational consumer products company.
  • A virtual laboratory for optimizing and scaling mixture operations and visually exploring modeled mixture parameters in a flexible, single-window workflow that makes complex analytics approachable to production operators and physical chemists alike. Client: multinational consumer products company.

SAS Institute, Cary, NC
Sr. International Program Manager. 2007-08
International Program Manager. 2005-07
Localization Project Manager. 2001-05

Was responsible for all outsourced R&D work (chiefly localization) and also internal R&D project management, reporting to Director of Software R&D. Determined new target markets and localization projects in partnership with Sales & Marketing management. Built JMP localization program, including conversions to Unicode and XLIFF. Delivered five major localized software releases (end-user statistical and graphic analysis application on Mac, Windows, and Linux) and numerous ancillary projects, most recently in six languages, was always on-time and on-budget, handled all aspects of project and program management. Managed two direct reports and virtual, distributed teams with colleagues in North Carolina, vendors in the US and abroad, and translation and review teams in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, and China. Served on corporate terminology management steering committee.

Technical Writer. 1997-2001

Completed StatView version 5 documentation and was ad hoc product manager for StatView release and rollout upon acquisition by SAS. Wrote highly regarded JMP Scripting Guide version 4. Converted docs and help from Microsoft Word and RoboHelp to single-source FrameMaker and Web Works Publisher system.

Abacus Concepts. Documentation and Localization Manager. 1994-97

Produced all major technical publications for Abacus Concepts products including StatView, SuperANOVA, and MacSpin.

Quality Assurance Manager. 1991-94
Lead technical writer. 1988-91.

Built and managed department responsible for Quality Assurance of statistical analysis and scientific graphics software. Developed numerical validation and performance test plans for DOS, Windows, and Mac products targeted to markets ranging from students to business users to research professionals. Coordinated beta-testing and product release. Chaired the interface design committee. Reported to Vice President/General Manager and assisted V.P./G.M. in project management.

Lead technical writer in charge of all major publications produced by SYSTAT. Wrote, designed, and illustrated several books. Led acclaimed revision of four-volume user manual sets for upgrade versions of professional-level statistics and graphics packages for Mac and DOS. Reported to Director of R&D.

Northwestern University Computer Music Studio, Evanston, Illinois, 1988.

Assistant to Systems Engineer, Technical Writer.

KFJM-FM radio (NPR affiliate), University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, 1987.

Announcer and Operator. Programmed, produced, and hosted an afternoon classical music program. Hold FCC Radiotelephone Operators license.

St. Olaf College Academic Computer Center, Northfield, Minnesota, 1984–87.

Documentation Assistant, full-time summer staff, 1986. Documentation Assistant and Head Consultant, part-time work study staff, 1984–87.


Operating Systems: Mac OS X, OS 8-9, and Systems 4-7; Windows 3.1, NT, 2000, XP Pro; Linux SuSE, Red Hat, Fedora, and ubuntu; Unix BSD and Darwin

Languages: JMP Scripting Language, TeX and LaTeX

Statistical Software Packages: JMP, SAS, StatView, SYSTAT

Extensive experience with a wide variety of software for authoring, content management, publication, typography, translation memory, and project management


Facilitative Leader, Roger Schwarz & Associates, Inc., four-day workshop, May 2007.

Project Management Professional (PMP), October 2004, Project Management Institute.

Certified in Kerzner Approach to Project Management Excellence, October 2004.

SAS Public Speakers Bureau, Speaker Bootcamp certification, March 2004.

National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI), Five-Day Leadership Training Institute, November 2003. Qualified to lead the NCBI Prejudice Reduction Workshop and the Conflict Resolution Process.

Interaction Associates, certified in Essential Facilitation, August 2003, June 2004.

Pragmatic Marketing courses in product management: Practical Product Marketing, Working With Development, and Analyzing Market Opportunities, March, June 2002.


Member, Project Management Institute. PMP certification since 2004.

Member, American Federation of Musicians, Local 6. Freelance hornist with numerous SF Bay Area orchestras, chamber ensembles, opera companies, and dance organizations.

Brass coach, Oakland Youth Orchestra, Young Peoples Symphony Orchestra.


Principal author, JMP Scripting Guide, JMP version 4. 2000. Cary, NC: SAS Institute, 2000.

Revised StatView Users Guide, StatView Reference, StatView version 5. Berkeley, CA: 1997.

Author, Using StatView Formulas, StatView version 4. Berkeley, CA: 1995.

Revised four-volumes of documentation for SYSTAT 5. Evanston, IL: 1991.

Author, user documentation, FASTAT version 1. Evanston, IL: 1988.

Author and/or editor of a wide variety of software introductions and references for the St. Olaf College Academic Computing Center and the Northwestern University Computer Music Studio.


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